About Me

Hello! My name is Estelle Drinkhaus. In 1983, I was taught how to hand knot pearls and beads on silk thread. I thought it would be a nice, creative new hobby. I found that I loved the feel of the pearls and beads in my hands, and that with practice, it was actually something I loved to do. Hence, I found “The Lost Art of Hand Knotting.”

I created “Pearl & Bead Restringing By Estelle” as a service oriented business. I do not sell my own designs. I am the primary pearl and bead stringer for most of the jewelry stores in Santa Cruz County.

I also teach “The Lost Art of Hand Knotting” in classes I have developed over the last 20 years. I teach for the Cabrillo Extension program, and I also teach for Capitola Parks & Rec. You an find class schedules on the Schedule page when I have active classes. I teach with a great deal of patience, and humor. I also teach private lessons.

I genuinely love my work. I feel that restringing someones cherished strand of pearls, and seeing the look on their faces when they receive it back into their hands brings me joy.

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